Private Loans

Private loans are one of the most highly needed and demanded loans in the present market. When you start searching for a private loan online, it is no doubt that you would get hold of plenty of names. These names are the sources for getting a personal loan from private lenders. In other words, private loans can be also described as private personal loans and are generally offered by private lending institutions which include banks, and NBFCs.

When it comes to applying for private loans, the traditional market players would take a considerable amount of time for disbursing your entire loan amount. However, only trusted financial lenders will be competent to disburse instant private loans for you. This said so; the time span can be as fast as 24 hours or can maximum stretch to an hour. One of the names that become poignantly significant here is Stashfin.

With years of solid reputation in the money lending industry, Stashfin has earned a title of unsurpassable credibility when it comes to offering the widest range of loans. With the Stashfin app, you are not just entitled to get the best deals on several loans but the convenience and the easy methods of getting your loan approved becomes a reality. Starting with an instant personal loan to private loans, we have covered you for all!

Private loan from Stashfin will help you to take absolute leverage of financial freedom for any reason against which you require the loan. The lightning-fast procedure and efficient handling of your documentation will result in getting your loan approved in real-time.

Eligibility Criteria for Private Loan

  • Private loans from Stashfin permits loan applicants aging between from 18 years and above only.
  • With Stashfin, anybody having a net amount of more than ₹15,000 as their take-home salary is permissible for applying for a private loan.

Private Loan Features & Benefits:

  • Private loan on Stashfin happens instantaneously with a comprehensive credit limit from ₹1000 to ₹5,00,000.
  • All your concerns regarding applying for a loan and the heavy installments that come with it are gone for good with Stashfin! To help the lives of countless customers run in absolute peace mode, we have kept the private loan interests rates on the lowest bars possible.
  • One of the best features while applying for private loans with Stashfin is that we adhere to the least documentation, thereby making the entire loan lending process smoother and faster.
  • Stashfin loan app helps you to see the interest rates for the loan amount you wish to apply for and that is what exactly you pay off finally, by letting the entire flow of communication be thoroughly transparent.
  • With complete digitized loan processing, not just your loan gets approved faster but you get it all done at your convenience with complete avoidance of hackling up to any office or hampering your work routines.
  • When applying for a private loan with Stashfin, you get the leverage of the widest stretch of EMI paying window (3 months to 4 years).

So what else can stop you now from getting your private loan approved! To make things even better, flexible options like Stashfin Visa Credit Line card gives you the direct platform for affordable EMI options against your private loan amount.