Unsecured Loans

Loans that are accepted without any need of collaterals are the Unsecured Loans. These are the loans where the borrowers donot need to pledge their assets and they can simply qualify just because of their credit history along with their income. An unsecured loan is so-called because in such cases the lenders are not eligible for acquiring physicals assets of the borrowers if they all of a sudden stop paying their dues on the unsecured loan. These loans are also known as signature loans as your signature is the only thing that is important on these loan agreements. Online-unsecured loan schemes are available on various sites. Instant unsecured loans are also a thing now. There are mainly three types of unsecured loans: Credit cards, Student Loans, and Personal loans.

An unsecured loan is mainly that loan type where an individual does not require pledging any collateral while applying for such. In these loans there is no security, i.e. if the borrower decides not to pay the dues then the lender cannot take possession of their assets. The eligibility of these loans is decided on the credit histories and present incomes. Overall, you are eligible for this only if your financial condition is stable. The banks are not involved in these loan agreements and they are not capable of any seizing of any assets in case of any defaults.

Unsecured loans are easily available online at various sites and applications. Stashfin is one such dynamic app that provides the fastest and safest personal loans. we provide loans of up to ₹5 Lakh that too at a minimal interest rate. Unsecured loans on Stashfin are the safest way to take online-unsecured loans with a hundred percent certainty.

Eligibility for unsecured loans

  • Stashfin offers unsecured loans to every individual aged 18 years and above.
  • The financial backgrounds of the individual should be stable. Stashfin approves only those applicants whose average salary is at least ₹15,000.

Unsecured Loans Features and Benefits

  • Stashfin is very efficient in providing you with instant unsecured loans. Stashfin is competent enough to do this with utmost certainty.
  • Stashfin offers you credit up to ₹5 Lakh as soon as you opt for Stashfin for unsecured loans.
  • We have made the process of documentations quite simpler by keeping limited documentation.
  • You need to pay the same interest on these loans that are visible on your screens.
  • Stashfin not only provides the flexible EMI rates on unsecured loans but also gets you rewards in the form of credit purchases.
  • The encrypted payment gateways are extremely secured so that there is no malfunction while availing the unsecured loans.

Therefore, you do not have to worry anymore while looking for instant loans. Do not search on various sites and do not check on low EMI rates, as Stashfin got you covered in every way possible regarding the loan hassles you face. Get a Stashfin unsecured loan today!